Shopping with Purpose

Do you shop at Family Fare? One of the easiest ways you can support the Fountain Clinic is to save your receipt from each visit to Family Fare (or each Fast Lane order) and turn them in to the Fountain Clinic. By collecting $150,000 in eligible receipts the Fountain Clinic will receive $1,000! The complete receipt showing the "Direct Your Dollars" amount on the receipt is needed. (See the example below.)

You may place the receipts in the tub by the front door of the Fountain Clinic building, leave them with the administrative assistant, or mail them to:

     Fountain Clinic - Receipts

     111 N. Jefferson St. Suite 1

     Marshall, MI  49068

Only the entire original receipt showing the number that follows "Direct Your Dollars" can be used. No photocopies please.



Direct Your Dollars Goal Met!

September 2022

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       We received $150,000 in Family Fare receipts and earned $1,000 for the clinic in September. This money was used to help us provide dental cleanings and screenings for those who would otherwise go without.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped us reach our goal! Thanks also to Spartan Nash - Family Fare for supporting the Marshall community.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Keep saving and donating those Family Fare receipts because we're trying to do it again!

Our goal is to collect another $150,000 in receipts to earn another $1,000 from Spartan Nash (Family Fare).

See a running total posted here as we progress.


Thank you for all the receipts that have been donated.

We greatly appreciate your help toward reaching our goal!



Updated January 15, 2023


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